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Are you someone who is looking to have your floors carpeted? You have to look no further as once you visit us, Inspired Floors Houston is going to become your number 1 choice for carpet installation. Why are we the best? Because with more than 7 years of experience in the industry, we haven't had a client that has been disappointed with our service and all this is due to the fact that Inspired Floors Houston is truly a professional at the job that we are promising to deliver. Allow us the opportunity to beautify your homes with our carpet installation and let our actions speak for themselves.

Why Inspired Floors Houston As Your Carpet Installation Company

We are not just words. Inspired Floors Houston has proven to be one of the finest in the industry when it comes to carpet installation. Our carpets will not only leave your rooms beautiful, but will also make your rooms feel warm and comfy while making them look more appealing and luxurious than ever. Inspired Floors Houston houses carpets from some of the most popular and finest manufacturers like Shaw, Tuftex, Beaulieu and Hagaman. These manufacturers are well known, and have proven to be the best at crafting some of the finest carpets. Their popularity and the trust they have built in the community is the reason why Inspired Floors Houston decided to partner up with them. Because what we plan to bring to our customers is of the highest quality that is unparalleled in the market. Whether it be a small rug or a carpet that needs to fit your room, carpet installation via Inspired Floors Houston have got you covered as we offer a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns and we are going to make sure that they fit at the place where you want them installed. Come and see the new lines from Shaw and Beaulieu that feature Lifetime Stain Warranties. Now some might think that with such high standards for a carpet installation, we're bound to have set some pretty fancy prices for our customers. Allow us to be the music to your ears by letting you in on the fact that we're not just offering the best in carpets, but we are also offering them in the cheapest rates you can possibly imagine.

There really isn't much to think about. If you truly wish to see why we are the best in the business, visit one of our stores now and you will be surprised to see how much you have been missing out on. Give us a onetime opportunity to beautify your homes and we guarantee to make your our lifetime customers.

Posted on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Inspired Floors Houston: Get The Best Of What You Ask For

Inspired Floors Houston, located in Missouri City, Sugar Land and Stafford Area, brings you the service that is unparalleled when it comes to the best flooring for your homes. Not only do we provide you with the best quality but also great rates. There is absolutely no limit to how much you can beautify your homes. So why not choose the best in the business to get the best of what you ask for? Here at Inspired Floors Houston, we make it our responsibility to make your floors feel as pleasant and appealing as they can be while making sure that they are durable enough to withstand the heavy load you are planning to put on them.

Some Heavy Duty Laminate Flooring For Your Home

Your home is where your heart is. But your heart can not possibly be at a place that you are not taking good care of. And we are sure that you are one of those that have it in their hearts to beautify their home to such an extent that their home brings a pleasant feel whenever you are there. With that being said, let us ask you what better way to beautify your home than to have some heavy duty laminate flooring installed in your rooms by Inspired Floors Houston? For those that don't know, laminate flooring is a multi-later flooring that simulates different types of floors with the use of a photographic layer placed beneath a protective layer. Inspired Floors Houston offers heavy duty laminate flooring in almost every color you can think of. And there are brands out there, stating to be the best but let them not make a fool out of you. Let Inspired Floors Houston be your choice and give us a chance to prove that the laminate flooring we are going to install at your home is going to be unparalleled to any other. Our heavy duty laminate flooring is virtually indistinguishable from any other type of hardware floor. Not only do we promise to install these heavy duty laminate flooring in a manner that is going to leave your homes look beautiful but we will also make sure that what we do enhances the durability and makes your floors as stable as they can get to withstand the heavy load that you are about to let loose on them. How durable can your homes become with the heavy duty laminate flooring that Inspired Floors Houston has to offer? Let's just exemplify this by letting you in on the fact that even the bowling alleys have these installed. That's just how strong your floors are going to be!

So why the wait? Give us a visit or call us and see for yourself why we claim to be the best in the business. And we're sure that one you visit, you're going to love what you see.

Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Some homeowners think of replacing carpet flooring as a last resort of home-improvement. Paint and carpet flooring are actually two of the most cost-effective and biggest returns on a homeowner's remodeling investment. New carpet floors and fresh paint go along way to beautify a home's interior and make a home more desirable to potential buyers, should be homeowner decide to put the house on the market. A homeowner may just want to change things up a bit and enjoy their home more, while others are looking for the best and most cost effective ways to improve their home's resale value.

Thousands of dollars can be spent on upgrading areas of the home, but if the carpet and floors are stained and appear worn, a perspective homebuyer or visiting house guest will perceive the home to be in need of work. In contrast, fresh carpeting will enhance the home's perception of being move-in ready. Old carpet is one of the most common things that drives the price of a home down or slows down the selling process, while parties negotiate the price or replace the flooring.

Depending on the grade of carpet that is currently in a home, it can last between one and 10 years in good condition and with proper care.

On a design and aesthetic note, we recommend that homeowners refrain from installing bright colored or eccentric carpet. Colors like green, blue, maroon, black, orange, and yellow aren't as attractive to many people, as a tan or beige or white color would be. Stick with neutral colors, as they are more universally attractive to guests and home buyers. If there's any question on whether or not you should replace the carpet in your home, perhaps to enjoy it for yourself or to prepare the home to put on the market, consult a Sugar Land carpet flooring expert at Inspired Floors, who will guide you along the way and can assess your carpet flooring's condition.

In most cases, if carpet flooring has been installed for many years, it's probably best to go ahead and install new carpet. Carpet flooring is much more affordable and than other types of flooring and a great investment in your home's value.

Posted on Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Flooding, whether internal or externally caused, as well as heavy rains are a carpet's worst enemy. Water damage, if left untreated, and depending on the extent of the damage, may render your carpet unusable, unsalvageable and required to be removed and replaced. In some cases, particularly minor or less severe examples of flooding, there are certain measures that can be taken to reduce water damage and lower the need for costly repairs and replacement. However, any action must be taken quickly, as water over time, no matter how big, can create mold and mildew you in your carpet flooring. Houston homeowners, particularly areas in Sugar Land, Missouri City, Sienna Plantation, Richmond Texas, Rosenberg Texas and other outlying areas of Fort Bend County and Harris County know this all too well with the nearby Brazos River and other rivers. These area suffer from limited water dispersement during times of heavy rain.

Quickly Assess Your Water Damage.

You've certainly already done your best to prevent water from coming into your home. Once the water source has stopped, you can now quickly assess what it's going to take to remove and repair the home from standing water. The first decision you should make is whether not to handle the damage yourself or contact or professional. If your home has taken on water, it's best to consult someone who knows how to assess and handle the situation with your best interest. A Sugar Land carpet flooring professional will also be able to determine whether or not your carpet flooring is salvageable or must be replaced. They will also be able to determine your risk for mold and mildew you. Mold and mildew you can create major health risks and concerns for you and your family. Bacteria and mold can develop very quickly, even within hours of the incident occurring. The best thing anyone can do in the moment is to start by removing all wet items from the home, particularly ones that are sitting on top of the carpet flooring. You can remove wet items like drapes and curtains and set them outside to dry in the open air so they don't add to your replacement cost because of the production of mildew and mold.

Remove The Water and Dry The Floors.

Don't procrastinate or hesitate in removing water from your carpet and the flooring in your house. This can be done by using towels, wet vac's and shop vac's. Don't use a regular vacuum. You can also rent fans and dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry wet areas of your carpet flooring. Take note of the padding underneath your carpet. If it is unable to be dried, it may need to be replaced.

Clean The Developing Bacteria From Your Carpet Flooring.

If water hasn't gotten inside the walls, you might stand a chance to clean the bacteria yourself. Otherwise your health isn't worth the risk to avoid contacting a professional.

Once everything is been dried and cleaned, you can steam clean your carpet to remove bacteria. Surfaces that encounter the water or that are near the wet flooring, should be properly sanitized with diluted bleach water mix. Scrub your baseboards walls and other areas with the solution and take a careful inspection to notice any moisture pockets behind furniture and other places that might be overlooked. Moisture pockets can develop into mold and a much larger issue.

No one wants to deal with the hassle of replacing their carpet flooring when they don't have to, especially if they recently had carpeting installed in their Sugar Land home. Should you need any flooring advice or help choosing the right floors, even choosing a recommended carpet cleaning company, consult a Sugar Land carpet flooring store expert at Inspired Floors.

Posted on Friday, December 02, 2016

Ceramic tile is one of the more common flooring types in many Sugar Land, Missouri City, and Sienna Plantation homes.

Many homeowners and custom home builders choose this flooring type for its aesthetic qualities, low maintenance and it's longevity. Though tile flooring may require less maintenance than other types of flooring, there are still several things to keep in mind and do to keep your ceramic tile flooring looking great. Following our recommendations will help protect your Sugar Land tile flooring and maximize its lifespan.

Ceramic Tile Flooring Tips for Sugar Land Homeowners

  • Avoid ammonia based cleaners. Believe it or not simple cleaners work best for ceramic tile flooring and ammonia can discolor certain types of colored grout.
  • Don't wax tile. Glazed ceramic tile doesn't need waxing.
  • Clean up spills immediately or soon as possible. All-purpose cleaners are fine for cleaning up spills and can help liquids from staining grout.
  • Glazed ceramic tile can be both swept and vacuumed. This is a popular feature that makes ceramic tile attractive to builders and homeowners alike. It is important to do it regularly, however.
  • Mild soaps and all purpose cleaners usually work best when cleaning your tile flooring. However, you should consult the manufacturer's specific recommendations for types of cleaning products to be sure. Of course, a Sugar Land flooring specialist at Inspired Floors in Sugar Land can guide you through any questions you may have concerning proper care for your ceramic tile flooring. Washing the floor regularly with mild deluded soap or detergent can ensure the minimization of grit and grime buildup on both the tile and the grout. Your grout is usually most susceptible of the two to discoloration. Regular washing and cleaning will help prevent unwanted this coloring of your grout.
  • After you washed your ceramic tile flooring with a mild deluded soap detergent or manufacturer recommended cleaner, be sure to rinse your flooring with warm water.

If you are experiencing any issues with your ceramic tile flooring in your Sugar Land home, whether that be needing help with proper care, tile floor repair, or any other questions regarding flooring in your home, consult the Sugar Land flooring expert's at Inspired Floors.

Posted on Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Even though vacuuming and regular maintenance is great, and proper care for your carpet flooring in your Sugar land home are all important exercises as prescribed, carpet flooring needs something more to enhance it's aesthetic appearance, smell and maximize its lifespan.

Vacuuming regularly does help, but certain soil particles and dust will cling to your carpet fibers. Even the best vacuum cleaners won't be able to extract it, particularly in regard to oily dirt. The deeper this sediment and dirt is in your carpet, the more difficult it is to remove.

The Case for Professional Hot Water Extraction

Hiring a company to professionally clean your carpets using the hot water extraction method is a great way to improve your carpets appearance, smell of your carpeted areas, and remove the difficult dirt and particles that vacuum cleaners alone cannot get. Depending on the type of stain in your carpet, a professional carpet cleaner can also assist with removing stains that your efforts may be unable to do safely or effectively. If you clean and monitor the high trafficked areas of your carpet, it's possible to extend the time necessary between professional cleanings. Examples of high traffic areas include doorways, entryways, walkways, hallways and any other places that people and pets pass through most frequently. It's recommended to have the carpeted areas of your home professionally cleaned approximately every 18 months. If you have pets that are inside the house, you’ll need to consider having your carpets treated more frequently, especially if your pet has soiled or urinated on your carpet. Even though you may use a cleaner or pet products that claims to remove pet stains, you may be using an inferior product, and certainly a professional cleaner will be more apt to remove stains. Many homeowners are surprised at how the smell in their home improves after a carpet cleaning company comes in to perform a professional hot water extraction service.

If you're looking for the right carpet cleaning products, as well as expert advice and recommendations on your carpet flooring in Sugar Land, Missouri City and Sienna Plantation, consult a carpet flooring expert at Inspired Floors in Sugar Land.

Posted on Wednesday, November 02, 2016

If cared for properly, carpet flooring can be enjoyed in your Sugar Land home for many years before needing to be replaced. One of the most common reasons people decide to replace carpet is the stains that have accumulated over time and weren't properly treated and removed. The good news is many carpets now come with a greater amount of stain resistance than in previous years and there are products that can be applied to your carpet to help with the damage of stains to your carpet. However, the best way to avoid damage your carpet when something spills or stains it is to follow these steps.

Carpet Stain Removal Guide For Your Sugar Land Home

  • Start treating your carpet as soon as you notice a spill or stain. If what has been spilled on the carpet has any sort of coloring to it, it's even more so imperative to act quickly. The longer the stain remains on the carpet, the more difficult it will be to remove.
  • Scrape the food or liquid spill with a smooth hard object to remove as much excess as possible.
  • Be sure to work from the outer edge of the affected area towards the middle so that you don't cause unnecessary spreading of the affected area. A spill or stained area is bad enough and you wouldn't want that area to grow, making your job of treating the affected carpeted area more difficult. Take care not to scrub and rub the affected area, is this may cause the carpet to fuzz.
  • Next, use a diluted clear detergent soap (darker detergents can leave a sticky residue). It's best to use about one fourth of a teaspoon of detergent for every 32 ounces of water. Use the detergent followed by clear water rinsing until the stain is gone. Then blot dry as much as possible.
  • You can use any sort of cloth or sturdy paper towel for the cleanup.

No one enjoys the frustration of spilling something on their carpet flooring, and certainly not the time it takes to clean it up. The good news is that many stains can be removed if done properly, and your carpet can endure the test of time and use. One thing to keep in mind is that when it does come time to replace your carpet, it's best to consult a Sugar Land carpet flooring expert to select the best kind of carpet and color for your family's needs and anticipated use. Every person’s situation can be different, as the number of kids, pets, gas and other types of use will determine the type of carpet needed to maximize longevity and the carpet’s aesthetic preservation.

Posted on Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Your carpet is made of fibers, and most have a have a padding underneath. Carpet isn't created to last as long as other types of flooring, but can be enjoyed for many many years if you exercise this basic principal: Vacuum.

Much of the dirt and dust and pet hair in your home is in the fibers of your carpet. It may get settled towards the bottom and left unnoticed, until you begin to smell it.

One of The Most Simple Ways To Care For Your Carpet is by Vacuuming It. Here's Why:

Vacuuming Is The Best Way To Remove Soil And Sediment.

Dirt and dust, if left un-vacuumed, with the help of regular traffic, can damage your carpet over time. Vacuuming is the best way to remove this. Plus, who wants to be laying on all of that dust, dirt, germs and other unknown hard particles?

Should You Be Using Vacuum With A Rotator Brush or Beating Bar?

Depending on the type of carpet you have, a rotator brush may damage the fibers of your carpet, in which case it's best to use just a suction method. However, a rotating or beating brush helps to break off items that may be stuck to the fibres of your carpet. It can also help stir up some of the particles that have settled down to the bottom of your carpeting and are unable to be pulled up with suction alone when being sucked up and encountered through the carpet fibers.

How Often Should I Vacuum?

There is no one magic universal answer for this question, though most anyone will tell you to do it on a regular basis. Regular can mean different things to different people. To keep it as simple as possible, if you aren't able to do vacuuming on a daily basis, try to do it several times a week. Consider vacuuming more frequently in medium to high traffic areas, as these are places in your carpet flooring that contain the most dirt, dust and other hard particles.

Besides the cleaning benefit of vacuuming, your carpet will look much nicer and will improve the aesthetic appearance of your room when you take regular care to vacuum the carpeted areas. Should you have any questions or need any assistance with the proper care for your carpet flooring, consult Inspired Floors, a Sugar Land flooring store.

Posted on Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Carpet flooring is enjoyed by many as one of the most favorable types of flooring surfaces. However, because of the materials used to make carpet, it's important to keep several things in mind to make sure that your carpet floor lasts as long as possible. It's widely known that carpet flooring, though less expensive than other flooring types, depending on the type and style, has a much shorter lifespan than other types of flooring. Carpet requires regular maintenance and can be more difficult to manage, though it is more comfortable to lay on.

Here Are Some Carpet Care Tips To Preserve Your Beautiful Sugar Land Carpet Flooring.

Close The Blinds During Hours of Intense Sunlight.

You may not realize the long term affects of the sun's UV rays until you've let the sunshine discolor your carpet. Your carpet's appearance will last much longer by simply covering the windows to prevent the invasion of the blazing sunshine from beating down on your beautiful carpet flooring.

Exercise Caution When Using Chemicals Around Carpet Flooring

Drain cleaners, Plant food, bleach, mildew and mold removers, and many other chemicals can be your carpet flooring's worst enemy. These types of products and solutions contain elements that can both discolor your carpet and dissolve its fibers. Take extra caution not to expose your carpet to these chemicals, and should you need assistance with removal of mold and mildew and certain difficult stains, consult a Sugar Land flooring expert at Inspired Floors, who will give you proper direction on caring for your Sugar Land carpet flooring, taking into consideration your specific situation.

Employ Furniture Coasters To Protect Your Carpet Flooring

Furniture coasters are a great way to create a widened base for heavy items to sit on. Because carpet is made of fibers, it is most susceptible to indentions left by have a narrow and pointed objects. Furniture coasters are also a great tool for moving and rearranging furniture. This will save your carpet and your back.

Use Mats and Carpet Runners

Placing mats at entryways and runners adjacent to your carpeted areas can work wonders in preventing excess dirt and moisture from entering into your carpet. Moisture is a big no-no for carpet, and if your carpet is exposed to moisture, improper care can create expensive problems and issues for you. Remember to clean your mats and runners regularly.

Caring for your carpet is best done in the preventative stages. This will help ensure your carpet flooring in your Sugar Land home will be enjoyed and kept in its optimum condition throughout its lifespan in your home. Should you need any assistance with your carpet flooring, consult a Sugar Land carpet flooring expert at Inspired Floors.

Posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Laminate flooring is one of the more affordable flooring options, compared to other flooring options from a Sugar Land flooring store. Laminate flooring can be fairly easy to maintain, but, like any flooring surface, it requires regular maintenance and proper care to maximize its longevity.

Here Are Some Tips and Advice For Maintaining the Laminate Floors in Your Sugar Land Home.

Don't Use Oil Based Soaps

If you use an oil based soap or cleaner on your laminate flooring, it will leave your floors with a dull finish. It's always best to follow the manufacturer’s recommended instructions for types of laminate floor cleaners.

Always Clean Up Spills Immediately

Use a damp cloth or paper towel to blot up and dry your spill. Don't leave spills on your floor, because depending on the type of liquid, it can seep between the seams in the planks in your floor, as well as damage the flooring surface. If you're going to mop, make sure to lightly mop rather then pour a bunch of standing water on the surface of your floor. This will prevent the from water getting in between the seams causing them to peak.

Trim The Pet Claws

Imagine a sharp pointed plastic object repeatedly scratching your floors. This is much like what your pet does to your laminate flooring. The more you keep your pets claws trimmed, the less they will damage your beautiful laminate flooring.

Furniture Coasters to Your Laminate Flooring's Rescue

Any gliding chair, rolling chair or other furniture object with narrow legs, should have a furniture coaster beneath it to prevent the scratching of your laminate floors from repeated use and focused weight distribution. The broader your base, the less likely that your laminate flooring will be scratched by large objects.

For the right advice for caring for the laminate flooring in your Sugar Land home, and choosing the right type of flooring, whether laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, carpet flooring, tile flooring or any other flooring surface, consult a Sugar Land flooring expert at Inspired Floors. A better flooring experience begins with choosing the right type of flooring for your needs, tastes and lifestyle.

Posted on Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Protecting your vinyl flooring is a great way to get the most out of your Sugar Land home investment. Vinyl flooring is one of the more durable types of flooring surfaces available, and in many cases more affordable than traditional types of flooring. Thanks to advancements in technology and design, modern vinyl flooring can successfully closely mimic other types of flooring, like hardwood, stone and concrete flooring finishes. Though vinyl flooring can be less expensive and also very durable, there are still several things to keep in mind when caring for vinyl floors.

Vinyl Flooring Care Tips For Your Sugar Land Home

  • Pay attention to the finish that your vinyl flooring comes with. Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations for using any type of polish, as it could generate an unexpected result, or even be unnecessary for achieving the care and look intended for your specific type of vinyl flooring.
  • Over time, due to dirt and grime buildup, if you polish the floor it may become necessary to strip the floor of its finish and re-add a coat of polish. Be sure to use the manufacturer’s recommended type of stripping and polish products. Also make sure to follow their instructions for stripping and polishing the floor to ensure that you don't miss a step and accidentally damage your vinyl floors.
  • Most vinyl flooring manufacturers recommend the use of polish for maintaining your floors look and long lifespan. Be sure to use the manufacturer’s recommended type and or brand of polish. Avoid using paste wax. If you have a urethane vinyl floor, don't try to buff it. Also be sure that the floor is clean and dry prior to applying to manufacturer's recommended polish.
  • It's best to clean the floor on a regular basis with the manufacturer’s recommended floor cleaner. Avoid using detergents and soaps, as they can damage your floor’s finish. If you choose to use a non-rinse product, it doesn't require rinsing, but rinsing can enhance your vinyl flooring shine.

For more tips on caring for your vinyl flooring, you can speak to a Sugar Land vinyl flooring professional at Inspired Floors in Sugar Land.

Posted on Friday, August 26, 2016

Flooring can be a significant investment, depending on a number of factors, including the type of flooring and the amount of space of your Sugar Land home you're covering. Vinyl flooring is traditionally cheaper than other types of flooring and advancements in vinyl flooring have made it possible for vinyl to appear and feel much like other types of flooring. Vinyl flooring typically carries an easier care load than other more traditional types of flooring. However there are several things to keep in mind to ensure that your vinyl flooring lasts as long as possible and maintains its optimum look and feel. Preserving your Sugar Land flooring can help maintain your home's value and make it less likely that you'll have to repair or replace it should you choose to put your home on the market.

Here Are Some Vinyl Flooring Sugar Land Care Tips.

  • Sweep your floor at least once a week. Debris always puts you at risk of scratching or damaging a floor's coating or surface.
  • Where possible, prevent heavy direct sunlight from hitting your vinyl floors for an extended period of time. Effective things for this include blinds or shades. Sunlight over a period of time can affect your flooring color, making it look worn or faded and inconsistent with the rest of your flooring.
  • Use furniture movers or lay down plywood when you're moving around heavy furniture objects like refrigerators. Simple planning can save you the heart ache of damaging your vinyl flooring.
  • Support all of your furniture with wider nonstaining supports. Narrow legs and corners can create divots and indentions in your vinyl flooring. Spread the load out wider (At least1 inch) with plastic protectors.
  • If you spill anything on the floor, be sure to wipe it up immediately or as quickly as possible. Any type of staining liquid, the longer it's left on the floor, the harder it will be to remove the stain from the vinyl flooring surface.
  • As always, remember that when vinyl floors become wet, they are quite slippery. Exercise caution when cleaning up spills or walking on a wet area of vinyl flooring.

If you are looking for more information about caring for your vinyl flooring or would like to speak to an expert, a Sugar Land vinyl flooring specialist at Inspired Floors Sugar Land can help you get the most out of your vinyl flooring experience for your Sugar Land home.

Posted on Friday, August 12, 2016

Preventing and minimizing damage to your hardwood flooring from harmful chemicals.

Hardwood is a flooring type that, if install properly and under the proper care can make your interior beautiful and be enjoyed for many many years. Hardwood flooring is one of the oldest types of floor coverings used in our country. It is that way for a reason. Hardwood floors are durable, beautiful and if maintained properly will stand the test of time.

Here are a couple chemicals to avoid using when caring for your hardwood flooring

Avoid oil based soaps when cleaning your hardwood flooring

Many of the oil and wax bass cleaning products that you can get over the counter to clean wood flooring, can damage your wood flooring finish. As a precaution, stay away from these types of cleaning products and follow your manufacturer’s recommendations for the specific type of chemical they recommend you use.

Stay away from wax if your wood flooring has a urethane finish

If you use a paste form of wax on a polyurethane finish hardwood floor, the wax can develop a sticky finish and trap dirt and make it stick to your current wood finish. Also keep in mind that if you refinish your floors with a fresh coat of polyurethane, remember that polyurethane will not adhere to wax on your finish. This will make adding a polyurethane coat your wood flooring much more difficult than if you stay away from floor wax altogether.

Caring for the wood flooring in your home doesn't have to be complicated, but there are several things to keep in mind both to do and to avoid in order to get the most out of your investment. If you're concerned about other hardwood issues, go back and read the other two articles about caring for your hardwood flooring, as well as reach out to a quality and certified hardwood flooring expert in Sugar Land like Inspired Floors. A hardwood flooring professional can answer your questions specific to your type of wood, your hardwood finish and how to best treat and care for one of the great features of your home’s interior.

Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Preventing and minimizing damage to hardwood flooring from improper cleaning, neglect and poor maintenance.

Hardwood flooring is a favorite choice in flooring among Sugar Land and Missouri City homeowners. Wood flooring adds so much value and beauty to a home’s interior. There are so many different types of wood flooring. If you haven't spoken to a flooring professional, like one at Inspired Floors on Hwy 6 between Sugar Land in Missouri City, you should consider setting up an appointment so that you can make the right decision for your home and your budget.

Once you install hardwood floors in your home, it's important to keep these tips and mind to properly care for your new beautiful flooring. These tips also are great even if you've had wood flooring in your home for quite some time. These steps include things to do and things to avoid damage your floors.

Proper care for your Hardwood Flooring

Vacuum your wood floors on a regular basis

Run a soft bristle vacuum across your wood floors on a regular basis. Most vacuums come with this type of attachment. Vacuuming will keep rocks, other objects and small debris from scratching your floor when left there with regular foot traffic. Another idea is to place mats at the entry points to your wood floors and your home, so that people can wipe their feet before entering the hardwood floor areas. Some people also make all of their guests take off their shoes. Removing shoes is another way to lower the chance that your floors can get scratched or damaged as easily from regular foot traffic.

Avoid damp mopping your wood flooring

It's best to use only what the manufacturer recommends as the proper chemicals to clean your wood floors. Remember that water and wood floors don't make a good combination. Hopefully you’ve had your wood flooring installed by a quality flooring company in Sugar Land or Missouri City, like Inspired Floors.

Be sure to clean up spills immediately.

Things happen. Slips and spills or almost inevitable in the living space. An important thing to remember is that if you do you spill something, clean it up immediately, or as quick as you can, to avoid any staining or permanent damage to your wood flooring. If a paper towel or damp cloth doesn't do the trick, your wood flooring manufacturer should have some recommendations on treating more difficult spots to clean.

Posted on Friday, July 08, 2016

Preventing and minimizing damage to hardwood flooring from pets, sunlight and furniture.

Hardwood flooring is, no doubt, one of the more expensive types of floor covering you can buy. There are multiple types of wood flooring, including true hardwood and engineered wood, and multiple different types and styles of each of these. Depending on the type of hardwood flooring, the price range can vary dramatically. Chances are, you've made a sizable investment and you want to make sure that you get the most out of your flooring through the years of use. Proper care of your hardwood floor can extend its life and certainly help maintain your floor's gorgeous appearance.

Here are some hardwood flooring care tips for your sugar land floors

Be adamant about trimming your pets' claws

If you have pets, you know that they can be quite active in your home. As pets’ claws grow, they can scratch and damage your floor’s surface and finish. Over time, they may damage your floors to the point that they need to be repaired or replaced. Trimming your pets’ claws will help lower the amount of damage your hardwood floors received from the paws of your furry friends.

Protect your hardwood floors from the sun

Direct sunlight is known to accelerate the aging process and the oxidation of wood flooring. During times of intense sunlight, it's best to use your window coverings and block out as much sunlight as possible. Rearranging furniture can also help alleviate the the sun's UV rays from reaching your beautiful hardwood.

Use the proper furniture leg protectors for your hardwood floors

Thin chair wheels, pointed tip chair legs, and heavy objects like pianos and large pieces of furniture can damage a wood floor if not installed correctly and used appropriately. Any furniture that may move on a regular basis on top of the hardwood floor needs felt protectors and large pieces of furniture need wider rubber cups so that the weight of the items don't create marks and divots on the floor. Most protective items are very cheap ways to ensure your floors last beautifully and stay intact for years to come.

Should you have any questions about the proper care for your wood floors or you're considering a repair or replacement of your floors with beautiful hardwood flooring, the flooring experts at Inspired Floors in Sugar Land are here to help.

Posted on Thursday, June 30, 2016

At Inspired Floors, we've been supplying and installing all types of flooring in customers’ homes all across Sugar Land and Missouri City for many years. The main reason why we have been successful is the trust we’ve built in our customer relationships who, in turn, tell others about the great quality experience they had with their new floor installation. Our business is built on customer service, honesty, integrity, and backed by great products and quality workmanship. Many of our competitors try to increase their customer base through faulty promises and offering the cheapest prices. One of the great things about our flooring business is that we are able to offer a great product and service at a competitive price, and we do what we say. We won't try to sell you the most expensive floors. Whether it be wood flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, carpet, or tile flooring and anything in between, we are here to help you get the right flooring that makes the landscape of your home interior outstanding, while helping you stay on budget and on time.

3 things you receive from Inspired Floors, Sugar Land and Missouri City’s superior flooring company:

  1. Great flooring products from some of the world’s best flooring manufacturers
  2. Great warranty and service to back up each of our installations
  3. Expert advice and customer service from qualified Sugar Land flooring professionals

What are some typical procedures during a transaction between the customer and a Sugar Land flooring business?

  1. Expect a good Sugar Land or Missouri City flooring store to communicate clearly with you about the entire process and seem eager and happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way.
  2. Work performed meets or exceeds other flooring providers in the industry.
  3. Any and all risks and costs related to the customer’s project will be communicated to the best of the flooring company's knowledge.
  4. Unless something unforeseen happens, where there is something that the Sugar Land flooring company doesn't know about, any and all terms and conditions should be in writing and strictly followed.
  5. Should you, the customer, want to make any changes or adjustments to the contract, the Sugar Land flooring company should put these in writing and the changes or adjustments be signed by both parties.
Posted on Friday, June 17, 2016

Every homeowner nurtures unique wishes and desires when it boils down to choosing the perfect flooring for their dream homes. As a passionate homeowner, you will inevitably have some special design choices for your home flooring.

It’s quite evident that the style and interiors of your abode will determine its flooring requirements to a great extent. If your home recreates the classic European era, then traditional hardwood flooring will be the best option to choose.

On the other end, if it’s designed according to modern ideas and inspirations, you will have laminates and tiles to choose from.

Arriving at a transitional style

You might be one of those exceptional homeowners wishing to achieve a balanced look for their homes. And this is where a plantation home will turn out to be your greatest choice. Before we delve deep into the benefits of associating with a Custom flooring company Sienna Plantation TX, let’s know how a plantation house is different from the other home buildings.

The unique camaraderie between classic designs, neo-traditional functionality, and rural practicality is what defines your Sienna Plantation home. These homes represent the perfect combination of symmetry and curves. They are vintage and contemporary at the same time.

With such unique combination and mix of styles, your Sienna Plantation home will require unconventional flooring designs. You will need to seek assistance from the leading Sienna Plantation Floor Store, as they will have a plethora of options for you.

Why opt for the reputed Sienna flooring showrooms?

One of the crucial reasons for associating with the best Flooring Showroom Sienna Plantation is their pricing standards. By offering exclusive designs at the most affordable costs, the leading floor store will ensure optimum satisfaction for every homeowner.

You can plan your home flooring within your budget, and get stunning Custom floors Sienna Plantation TX.

Choosing Inspired Floors

It’s not without reason that Inspired Floors qualifies as the pioneering Sienna Plantation flooring company. From highly knowledgeable flooring experts to an efficient team of support staff, there are ample reasons responsible for its unparalleled popularity.

Get in touch with Inspired Floors and make your Sienna Plantation home look incredibly beautiful at the most affordable costs.

Posted on Saturday, May 21, 2016

Refinishing vs Replacing of Old Floors

Hardwood floors are prone to get stained or chipped over time as they are exposed to abuse and heavy foot traffic. This concern calls for two possible solutions - either refinish it for restoring its original shine or you can replace the complete flooring. However, choosing one of the two is dependent on a whole lot of factors -


The first factor which comes into mind for any repair work is the price that will be involved. Of course, in this case going for refinishing of your hardwood floor will always turn out to be cheaper than replacing it. Replacing the floor would involve the cost of the new wood as well as installation by professional floor workers whereas if you opt for refinishing you can do it yourself with a few solutions which will not cost much.


Refinishing takes a lot of time. It is messy taking 4 - 5 days for completion of the floor work, and the process involving the use of sanders, buffers, scrapers, brushes and what not with the floor having to remain untouched for those days. Replacement from a custom floor store in Sugar Land TX, is a considerably easier process involving the use of only lumber, measuring tape, saws, a chalk line, a nail gun and a flat bar and the process over within no time.


If your only aim is to restore the original shine of your floor and brighten it then refinishing will work for you. But, if you want major changes in your floor work involving style of the wood, consistency of the material or direction of the planks so as to establish a completely different look, then you will have to obviously get your floor replaced by custom floor Installers from Sugar Land.


In some cases, when the floor is very old and has already undergone refinishing several times, replacing the floor would be a better choice as refinishing it one more time may not have the desired effect.

Our Sugar Land flooring company, Inspired Floors, has years of dedicated service in dealing with custom floors in Sugar Land TX. Visit our flooring showroom in Sugar Land, and choose from a wide variety of flooring materials available with us - hardwoods, carpets, laminates, tiles and countertops. Beautify your home with the expertise of Inspired Floors from design to implementation of your flooring.

Posted on Friday, May 06, 2016

For passionate homeowners, their dream dwelling ranks amongst the most prized possessions of their lives. Quite naturally, they do all that's possible to make their house look beautiful and incredibly stunning. If you identify yourself in that league of dedicated homeowners, you will surely have some great plans for your home interiors.

Since it all begins with a spectacular floor, choosing the best flooring will emerge as your prime responsibility. With the availability of Custom floor store Sugar Land TX, you will have the golden opportunity of selecting your favorite flooring option.

From tiles to hardwood, the leading Flooring Showroom Sugar Land will have a gamut of choices for you. What you will achieve as the consequence is a customized and stunning home floor, that's entirely different from run-of-the-mill designs.

How to make a choice?

Selecting the most suitable flooring in Sugar Land is easier said than done. You will require evaluating numerous parameters to arrive at the correct decision. Although many homeowners will consider price as the most crucial criterion, there is much more to think and consider.

Breeze through the following blog, and get knowledgeable on the factors leading to associations with the best Sugar Land flooring company.

Product inventory

No two homes are same. Quite naturally, every homeowner will have distinguished flooring choices. The most renowned company must stock a diverse array of flooring materials. As the owner of a lovely abode, you must be quite sure about your requirements.

Hardwood for the quintessential classy appeal, tile flooring for contemporary appearance, and laminate flooring for unsurpassed functionality; the choice will be entirely yours.

Customer service

You might get your Custom floors Sugar Land TX really cheap. But, that doesn't mean you will have to settle for inadequate and unimpressive customer service. While choosing your Custom Floor Installer Sugar Land, make sure you gain in-depth information about their customer service policies.

And that will help you identify the best custom floor installers in Sugar Land.

Associating with Inspired Floors

With countless beautiful homes here in Sugar Land, nearly every flooring installer finds it difficult to cater to the needs of homeowners.

However, with an extensive collection of flooring materials, designs, and unique installation assistance, we at Inspired Floors claim to be your trusted Sugar Land Floor Store.

Get in touch with us at Inspired Floors, and be ready to get 'floored'!

Posted on Thursday, April 28, 2016

Are you thinking to replace the flooring of your home here in Sugar Land? There are plenty of options for flooring of your home. You can get the perfect one to match your purpose, taste, budget, and more. However, with so many options to consider, it can be a little overwhelming to replace the existing home flooring.

Best Cost-effective Flooring Types

Before you make a choice for the type of flooring, it is essential to consider the benefits, cost, disadvantages, and the type of room. To help you through the way of selecting the best flowing for your house, Inspired Floors presents some useful tips and also flooring designs to suit your house and pocket as well.

Tile Flooring

The timeless beauty and enduring durability of porcelain, ceramic and stone tile creates a unique look that is as practical as personal. The wide variety of stunning tile choices at flooring showroom Sugar Land helps create endless designs throughout the home, from classic to rustic to playful and more.

Vinyl Flooring

Available in high-fashion designs at Sugar Land Floor Store, vinyl flooring is the perfect combo of a luxurious appearance and foot-cushioning, cozy resilience and makes an elegant and comfy floor covering for any room in the house. Easy installation by Custom floor installer Sugar Land and carefree maintenance make it even popular choice for home flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

Add a classic touch and value to your home with the natural beauty, rich character, and warmth of hardwood flooring. It is the perfect blend of elegance and practicality. Available in a wide range of styles, species of wood, and finishes, at custom floor store Sugar Land, hardwood flooring is easy to install and moisture resistant.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is a safe and healthy choice for custom floors Sugar Land. Eco-friendly, comfortable, and unique, cork is an excellent material for the floors. It is naturally resistant to mildew, mold, and termites. This flooring type is readily available in tiles and planks in various colors, styles, and sizes with endless designs.

Visit Inspired Floors to see a stunning array of cost effective flooring, if you are planning to change the flooring of your house.

Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Choosing the perfect flooring is more than just picking the product which looks best and getting it installed in your home. Your decision is governed by several factors which have major roles to play in the selection and installation of a floor from flooring showrooms in Sugar Land, which would be good for your home functionally as well as aesthetically.


Carpet floors are perfect for bedrooms and family rooms where the underfoot needs a comfortable yet sturdy surface. Various types of carpet floors are available such as twist, loop and pattern.


Hardwoods are the perfect floor imparting a classy look and durability to the room where it is installed. Hardwood floors can be refinished up to five times. This is an added advantage of having this type of flooring in your homes.


Laminate floorings can duplicate the look of real wood floor but for a far lower price. These flooring materials can be used in places where hardwood cannot be used, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Laminate floorings have seen considerable improvement over the years and the various styles, high performance and ease in installation have made them the top choice floor material of many homeowners here in Texas.


Vinyl floors are very durable, at the same time, economical and have the advantage of being able to be installed directly over floors. Vinyl is the perfect material for homeowners looking for custom floors in Sugar Land. If they are unable to dedicate time to polishing or rebuffing their floor vinyl, which has a nice shine of its own, does not need extra cleaning.


Tiles are best and convenient for rooms which are prone to getting wet like bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and basements. There are various types of tile materials available such as ceramic, stone, porcelain and mosaic, and there are tiles which simulate wood, fabric or even stone. Tiles need little maintenance and can last up to many years.

Inspired Floors is a custom floor store in Sugar Land TX, with a range of flooring materials. Our Sugar Land flooring company has exactly what you are looking for and features tiles, hardwoods, laminates, carpets and countertops. Pick what you need from our Sugar Land floor store, and our Custom Floor Installer in Sugar Land will help you from designing to implementation of custom floors at your house.

Posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The floors of any building – be it a home or an office or some other space, are the surfaces which take the maximum brunt of the everyday activities of its occupants. It is therefore, very crucial that one invests in floors which will be able to withstand these activities and at the same time, add a touch of class to the building. There are hundreds of flooring companies with an equal number of flooring options in the market which are bound to leave you overwhelmed. As it is important to choose the right flooring, you need to take into consideration certain factors to ensure that you end up with the best possible option.

Compare Consistency

Manufacturers try to match the color and the grain of solid flooring and engineered flooring. But there might be variations in different batches. So it is best to buy all the flooring that will be needed from a Sugar Land floor store which will be able to provide whatever is required at one-time.

Buying Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring was invented by Pergo, the Swedish company in 1977, and today a host of manufacturing companies create laminate to duplicate stone, tile, wood and many more. But, not all the laminate floorings that are created are of equal quality. While the expensive ones are made of quality materials, the less expensive laminates contain elements that are not durable. So while shopping for laminate floorings from custom floor stores in Sugar Land TX, the features of the laminate flooring brands, which match your price range, should be compared so that you can get the benefit of the best laminate flooring.

Check Certification

The flooring industry’s FloorScore Certifcation ensures that vinyl floors emit low levels of volatile organic compounds which are linked to pollution and more importantly to health hazards. On the other hand, certification from the Forest Stewardship Council as well as the Sustainable Forestry initiative are assurances that your wood flooring comes from forests which have been responsibly managed – a must for the safety of the planet. The packages should be checked for these certifications when visiting flooring companies for custom floors in Sugar Land TX.

Inspired Floors, the experts in the field of flooring since 2004, has what you are looking for at its flooring showroom in Sugar Land at affordable prices. With our team of custom floor Installers in Sugar Land, we take our customers from design to implementation of their home-flooring. Ranging from hardwood, tile, carpet and laminate to countertops, our Sugar Land flooring company, has everything that you would need to beautify your home.

Posted on Tuesday, March 08, 2016

When it boils down to recreating the vintage era in your dream abode, nothing can get classier than custom wood flooring. Authentic hardwood flooring has what it takes to make your house dazzle, shine, and stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

However, that’s not going to be possible without a little effort from your side. If you are heading for a wood flooring installation shortly, you will require taking care of the following aspects.

Aspects to consider

If choosing the most efficient Custom wood flooring company Sugar Land TX is the first step, the next significant step will be to ensure proper care for your classic wood floors. Regular maintenance and proper cleaning will prove to be your key towards restoring the shine and appearance of your flooring.

If you are in search of the most useful wooden floor maintenance tips, this blog will inevitably help you out.

Tread and walk lightly

  • Once you purchase the best wooden floors from Flooring Showroom Sugar Land, it will be time to care for them. Although there’s no need to enforce a ‘no-shoes’ decree in your house, you can at least tread smoothly and lightly. Try to avoid treading in pointed heels, as that might result in cracked or dented floor surface.

No room for dust

  • Dust accumulation will have an adverse impact on your floor’s shine. Make sure you vacuum or sweep your Wood floors Sugar Land TX in every two days. Steer clear of using floor polish and shiners, as they usually contain harmful additives such as acrylic wax.

Seek expert assistance

  • When things get out of control, it will be imperative to seek professional help. The leading Flooring Installer Sugar Land will extend complete support in your floor maintenance project, and enrich you with useful tips.

Your trusted flooring care partner

As the best Sugar Land flooring company and Sugar Land Floor Store, Inspired Floors will turn out to be your most reliable wooden floor care partners.

If you have brand New Floors Sugar Land at your home, it will be high time to get started with its maintenance.

And if you are yet to buy, we at Inspired Floors are right here in Sugar Land, as your trusted Sugar Land Wood Flooring Company.

Visit Inspired Floors today, for the best quotes on Wood Floors Sugar Land.

Posted on Sunday, February 28, 2016

Deciding on the appropriate flooring emerges as a critical task for passionate homeowners. From choosing the flooring material to its successful installation, there are quite a few critical tasks to be performed by homeowners. If you too own a dream dwelling and wish to impart a stunning appearance to it, choosing the most beautiful floor materials will be the first thing to do.

It's here that you require getting in touch with the leading Custom flooring company Missouri City TX. With a diverse array of flooring materials, the best dealers will leave you awestruck with their splendid collections.

From hardwood and laminate flooring options to the spectacular tile collections, the best dealers will have something for every abode.

Check out the following points and know why you should build associations with the top Missouri City flooring company.

Reasons for choosing the pioneering Missouri City Floor Store

Stunning flooring materials, the perfect size, and exceptional customer service, that’s all you wish to have from your dependable Sugar Land flooring company. From contemporary laminate flooring to the classic wooden floors, the top Flooring Showroom Sugar Land will make your dream abode look special in every possible way.

If you are looking for reasons to associate with them, here are some for you.

Exceptional designs

Classy or contemporary, bold or beautiful, gaudy or glamorous, no matter what your choice, the leading Custom flooring company Sugar Land will have a plethora of bewildering options for you.

Appropriate sizes

Whether you require a 7-inch or a 5-inch smooth hardwood flooring, the most renowned Sugar Land Floor Store is the place to be. Highly proficient experts working in these stores will identify your specific requirements, thus delivering targeted results.

Flooring and more

With the best flooring showroom in Sugar Land, you not only get choices in Custom floors Sugar Land TX but receive additional products too. From stylish countertops to incredibly beautiful carpets, these showrooms will have every home décor essentials in their inventory.

Why Inspired Floors?

Inspired Floors happens to be the first choice for every homeowner looking for Custom floors Missouri City TX. With a strategic location between Sugar Land and Missouri City, we claim to be the leading Flooring Showroom Missouri City.

Visit us and gain design inspirations from Inspired Floors today!

Posted on Thursday, February 11, 2016

So you have decided to replace your flooring. But though getting your flooring replaced may seem easy work at first, there are many factors to be taken into account before going ahead with the task.


The most important factor which has to be taken into consideration is the cost. Ensure that a proper budget is set with the inclusion of hidden costs also such as installation as well as maintenance before thinking of custom floors at Missouri City TX.

Where would your Flooring Go?

Your choice of flooring should be appropriate for the place where you need it to go. Heavy foot traffic, climate, sound control and moisture all play significant roles and make a significant difference to the choice of flooring. Living rooms, for instance, will have a different type of flooring material from those that are used in moisture-laden bathrooms.

Maintenance over the years

Ask yourself about the upkeep of the flooring that you are going to choose. Lino, even if cost-effective, cannot be easily repaired by a carpet store in Missouri City once it is damaged. On the other hand, solid timber, even though very durable, is only durable if it has been sealed properly after installation by a flooring installer in Missouri City. The future of your flooring has a considerable impact on the money that you are investing now and also in the future.


Price of flooring differs from material to material in Missouri City flooring companies. What ultimately affects the cost is its durability. Lino and timber vary in prices but, the durability of each material also plays a major role. Cheaper flooring material bought from a Missouri City carpet company may seem cost-effective immediately but when a durable material outlasts them by 20 or 30 years, then they turn out to be more cost-effective in the long run.

We welcome you to Inspired Floors, the custom flooring company in Missouri City TX, for quality flooring solutions for your home or workplace. Our flooring showroom in Missouri City is the best flooring materials-equipped Missouri City flooring company with a wide range of collection of hardwoods, tiles, laminates, carpets and countertops. Visit our Missouri City floor store, and we will help you in customizing your new floors in Missouri City right from designing of the flooring to its implementation.

Posted on Sunday, January 24, 2016

The unsung hero of any building – the flooring, goes a long way in changing the look and décor of a room. It establishes the initial impression of any room and at the same time also takes the brunt of a barrage of footsteps every day. So, for your floor to look its best and also last long, you need to give it your special attention. The type of new floors in Missouri City, which you choose is very important and depends on many factors which you need to take into consideration. Two popular floor types, laminate and tiles, are the choices of savvy homeowners looking for beautiful yet budget-friendly materials in Missouri City flooring companies.

Laminate vs Tile

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

Though laminate floorings are still made of multiple thin layers of planks, in recent years this type of flooring in Missouri City floor stores has seen an explosion of new colors, textures and patterns.

Today, in addition to wood-like designs laminate flooring stores in Missouri City stock laminate floorings that resemble slate, marble and many other beautiful and stylish high-priced materials. Laminate is also a very comfortable material for the foot, and with its high resistance to scratches, can be safely used in homes which have children and pets.

Since laminate floorings and water do not mix, and therefore cannot be used in areas exposed to humidity or high moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Pros and Cons of Tiles

Why do homeowners choose tile floorings? It is because tiles, both ceramic and porcelain, are durable, versatile and stylish. It’s hard to beat a floor made with tiles when it comes to longevity and durability. It’s the best choice for areas which will be in contact with moisture and hence, is a common floor material for kitchens and bathrooms.

In Missouri City tile floors, are colder and harder than laminates and one of the reasons for homeowners opting for laminate flooring.

Our Flooring Showroom in Missouri City, Inspired Floors, is continuously updated with the latest and the most innovative floorings that are available in the market. Our everyday low prices include a variety of materials for custom floors in Missouri City TX which consists of hardwood, tiles, laminates, carpets, natural stones, SileStones and granites to name a few. Visit our custom flooring company in Missouri City TX, for advice from the expert flooring Installers of Missouri City on flooring ranging from designing of the floors to its implementation.

Posted on Sunday, January 10, 2016

Why is Flooring Important?

There are plenty of choices available for those who are planning to choose new floors for their homes. It is only natural that you would want your flooring to look great, but you also need to keep the practical aspects in mind when you are making your choice. Selecting a floor in a Missouri City flooring company is a process which is a combination of your personal taste and practicality before you zero in on the final choice. After all, your floor is the surface which will be used by everyone for walking, standing and sitting and where your kids will spill, run around and grow up.

Some Flooring Types for your Home

So you need to ask yourself a few questions before you finally resolve which flooring you want to buy from a Missouri City floor store. What is the size of your family? How much traffic will the surface have to bear? What about children? And pets? How often will it be exposed to moisture? Here are a few choices which make for good flooring material for your home.

  • Vinyl is easy to clean and is hence, economical and needs low-maintenance. Plus it is available in a wide range of colors and patterns.
  • Laminate floorings are also relatively easy to clean. This flooring material, available in flooring showrooms in Missouri City, duplicates the look of other flooring materials by using a picture of real wood or tile and covering it with a layer which is wear-protective.
  • Wood floorings with their combination of natural beauty along with durability are hard to beat, and are available in choices ranging from species of wood like oak, maple, birch and hickory to exotic wood species like Jatoba, Merbau, and teak.
  • Linoleum is a natural product made from linseed oil, mineral fillers, and pigments applied to a canvas or jute backing. It is environment-friendly and comfortable to walk and stand on.

Inspired Floors prides itself on its seven years of expertise in the business of flooring. A custom flooring company in Missouri City TX, Inspired Floors offers its valuable customers the newest, most modern and the best price-effective flooring that is available in the market. We bring at your doorsteps our custom floors in Missouri City TX with a variety of flooring materials ranging from tiles, laminates, hardwoods, natural stones, granites to SileStone countertops.

Posted on Friday, December 25, 2015

A custom floor store provides a host of options for your home or office in Sugar Land TX. These custom flooring works wonders to enhance the beauty of your residence or workplace. It also lasts long and provides a functional benefit. Getting custom flooring done is the easy part; selecting the right choice to match your décor is a totally different story. It is here that you need the help of experts like Inspired Floors.

Why the versatility helps?

Buying floor tiles and laminates are no more merely a functional need for home; they also seek to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your interior design. Thus, the stores offering them have to have not just a huge variety based on materials, but also colors, textures and finishes. Most of the stores in and around Missouri City, Stafford and Sugar Land focus on displaying a wide variety of materials and price points. But they do not give much importance to the variety in textures and colors - an equally important factor in providing custom floors solutions in Sugar Land TX.

A Sugar Land flooring company that can satisfy these vital criteria stands a better chance of getting more customers and better conversion at their Sugar Land stores.

A store like no other in Sugar Land

It is the inclination of the Inspired Floors Texas to tap and test this part of the client psyche that makes its store entirely different from others. Their flooring showroom Sugar Land stands apart from the rest, because of the amazing array of tiles and laminates present here. Not only are the varieties out here are good to look at; but they also offer tremendous value for money with its longevity and durability. Our custom floor installer Sugar Land can get the installation done sans any hassles and give a makeover to the décor of your premises.

Inspired Floors of Texas is undoubtedly the premier Sugar Land floor store that offers the unique amalgamation of utility floor tiles and laminates that are light weight, easy to fix, durable and come at attractive pricing.

Posted on Friday, December 11, 2015

The one area of our house in Missouri City, which bears the maximum brunt of the activities going inside, is the floor. These, therefore, are the first surfaces which are prone to wear and tear. Simultaneously good flooring quality also adds to the beauty of interior design. Hence, it becomes very important to invest wisely on the flooring of the house so that it can enhance the beauty of your house and add a touch of class but at the same time, keep pace with the activities that go on daily in your house. In Missouri City, custom floors are available at any floor store.

What Type of Flooring to Select?

Missouri City floor stores present you various choices for flooring which can leave you overwhelmed. Choosing good quality new floors in Missouri City is of utmost importance from the beginning itself as wrong flooring choices would lead to more expenses should the need to replace them arises later. There are a few factors which can be kept in mind while visiting flooring companies in Missouri City.

  • Functionality
    • It is vital to first decide which room is being considered for flooring before choosing the material from any flooring company in Missouri City. Though wooden flooring will add to the beauty of your living room, it will fail to serve its purpose if used in the bathroom due to the high moisture content there. Again areas which will be experiencing constant traffic, like the entrance areas or the passages, would need durable and easy to maintain flooring material. In Missouri City, a flooring company can assist you with expert insight on the floor type according to your requirements.
  • Colors and Style
    • Floor colorings and style greatly affect our moods and the décor of the house. Light and neutral colors impart a calming ambience while dark wooden flooring creates cozy and warm feelings; wooden flooring is guaranteed to give your flooring a beautiful and elegant look. In Missouri City, floor stores have a variety of floor types from which you can choose the required style.
  • Family Status and Lifestyle
    • Children in the house mean more wear and tear as do pets like cats and large dogs which have claws and shed. Custom floors in Missouri City TX includes Laminate products, which with factory-applied coatings, are very durable as well as scratch-free. However, engineered floors now-a-days, too come with surface coatings which are durable.

Inspired Floors, a custom flooring company of Missouri City TX, come to you with 7 years of expertise in flooring. Our range of floorings in our flooring showroom in Missouri City include hardwood, tiles, ceramic, laminates, carpets, natural stones, granites and SileStone countertops at easily affordable prices. Visit our floor store and experience 100% custom satisfaction with our quality products offered at fair value.

Posted on Saturday, November 28, 2015

Here Are Some Tips on Choosing the Best Types of Laminate Flooring in Sugar Land

It’s becoming a trend to use laminated, carpeted floors, custom floors here in Sugar Land TX to decorate a residential or commercial property, and give it a stylish look. Thankfully you can enlist the assistance of a dependable custom flooring company Sugar Land TX to help make the right decision in this regard.

If you compare laminate flooring Sugar Land with traditional or carpeted flooring, you will see a lot of benefits of installing custom flooring in Sugar Land TX. It not only provides a much biger array of shades, color tones, and patterns, but also lasts longer and comes at an attractive price point.

What to look for in custom laminate flooring?

If you are confused on how to choose the next laminate flooring for your home or office, then worry not. We have compiled a few handy tips that you need to keep in mind while choosing laminate flooring here in Sugar Land.

  1. Choose viable flooring options- Most of the laminate flooring comes in either engineered wood or plastic laminate. With engineered wood, the likelihood of damage and reduced life is lesser. As a result it is more preferred than the cheaper plastic laminate.
  2. Durability- One of the key aspects about laminate flooring is to make sure that the material which you are using should be durable and can withstand against the tough conditions.
  3. Quality- Before you are choosing any type of laminate flooring, make sure that you have picked a good quality material. If you need second opinion on the chosen material, try going online and research more on it.
  4. Cost- Another major factor when it comes to laminate flooring option is to check if the overall price of the product doesn’t go beyond your budget planning.

Factoring in these tips in selecting Sugar Land laminate floors will surely land you a great deal. Simply hire the expert help of a proficient company such as Inspired Floors and give a boost to your overall home or office décor.

Posted on Saturday, November 14, 2015