Oak, with its warmth and character, is a popular hardwood species for flooring and furniture. While Armstrong manufactures both white oak and red oak, red oak has emerged as the most preferred type in the U.S.

So why is red oak flooring in such demand?

Here are three options for bringing red oak flooring into your home.

Red Oak Flooring Options

Hardwood – Red oak flooring is available in a variety of board widths and thicknesses- from wide plank to the more traditional 2-1/4 inch strip. Wider boards add drama, while narrow boards remain classic. If you can’t decide between wide or narrow, consider random width red oak flooring for a truly unique style.

Solid hardwood red oak flooring can go in most rooms in your house – even high traffic areas like kitchens and foyers – but avoid using it below grade or in bathrooms where moisture is high. Engineered red oak flooring is a better option for basements, as long as humidity is controlled.

Laminate – Today’s wood laminate floors look so real, you can’t tell the difference. Laminate red oak flooring shows the same brilliant color variations, distinctive grain, and authentic texture as real wood flooring. Its layered construction makes laminate remarkably durable, and you can install laminate boards in a basement as well as a bathroom, but remember to quickly wipe up spills and puddles. Best of all, laminate boards are a snap to install and are a great choice for DIYers.

Waterproof luxury vinyl plank – You can install luxury vinyl red oak flooring where wood flooring can’t go – like bathrooms and laundry rooms. The unique construction also allows for resistance to scratches, stains, and wear. Just like laminate, luxury vinyl offers true-to-life hardwood visuals that go anywhere in your home. Quick and easy installation makes luxury vinyl another excellent project for DIYers.

If you’ve fallen in love with the look of red oak flooring, then one of these options is your ticket for bringing home this perennial favorite.

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