Your carpet is made of fibers, and most have a have a padding underneath. Carpet isn’t created to last as long as other types of flooring but can be enjoyed for many many years if you exercise this basic principle: Vacuum.

Much of the dirt and dust and pet hair in your home is in the fibers of your carpet. It may get settled towards the bottom and left unnoticed until you begin to smell it.


Vacuuming Is The Best Way To Remove Soil And Sediment.

Dirt and dust, if left un-vacuumed, with the help of regular traffic, can damage your carpet over time. Vacuuming is the best way to remove this. Plus, who wants to be laying on all of that dust, dirt, germs and other unknown hard particles?

Should You Be Using Vacuum With A Rotator Brush or Beating Bar?

Depending on the type of carpet you have, a rotator brush may damage the fibers of your carpet, in which case it’s best to use just a suction method. However, a rotating or beating brush helps to break off items that may be stuck to the fibers of your carpet. It can also help stir up some of the particles that have settled down to the bottom of your carpeting and are unable to be pulled up with suction alone when being sucked up and encountered through the carpet fibers.

How Often Should I Vacuum?

There is no one magic universal answer for this question, though most anyone will tell you to do it on a regular basis. Regular can mean different things to different people. To keep it as simple as possible, if you aren’t able to do vacuuming on a daily basis, try to do it several times a week. Consider vacuuming more frequently in medium to high traffic areas, as these are places in your carpet flooring that contain the most dirt, dust and other hard particles.

Besides the cleaning benefit of vacuuming, your carpet will look much nicer and will improve the aesthetic appearance of your room when you take regular care to vacuum the carpeted areas. Should you have any questions or need any assistance with the proper care for your carpet flooring, consult Inspired Floors, a Sugar Land flooring store.

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