Even though vacuuming and regular maintenance are great, and proper care for your carpet flooring in your Sugar land home are all important exercises as prescribed, carpet flooring needs something more to enhance its aesthetic appearance, smell and maximize its lifespan.

Vacuuming regularly does help, but certain soil particles and dust will cling to your carpet fibers. Even the best vacuum cleaners won’t be able to extract it, particularly in regard to oily dirt. The deeper this sediment and dirt are in your carpet, the more difficult it is to remove.


Hiring a company to professionally clean your carpets using the hot water extraction method is a great way to improve your carpets appearance, the smell of your carpeted areas, and remove the difficult dirt and particles that vacuum cleaners alone cannot get. Depending on the type of stain in your carpet, a professional carpet cleaner can also assist with removing stains that your efforts may be unable to do safely or effectively. If you clean and monitor the high-trafficked areas of your carpet, it’s possible to extend the time necessary between professional cleanings. Examples of high traffic areas include doorways, entryways, walkways, hallways and any other places that people and pets pass through most frequently. It’s recommended to have the carpeted areas of your home professionally cleaned approximately every 18 months. If you have pets that are inside the house, you’ll need to consider having your carpets treated more frequently, especially if your pet has soiled or urinated on your carpet. Even though you may use a cleaner or pet products that claim to remove pet stains, you may be using an inferior product, and certainly, a professional cleaner will be more apt to remove stains. Many homeowners are surprised at how the smell in their home improves after a carpet cleaning company comes in to perform a professional hot water extraction service.

If you’re looking for the right carpet cleaning products, as well as expert advice and recommendations on your carpet flooring in Sugar LandMissouri City and Sienna Plantation, consult a carpet flooring expert at Inspired Floors in Sugar Land.

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