Carpet flooring is enjoyed by many as one of the most favorable types of flooring surfaces. However, because of the materials used to make carpet, it’s important to keep several things in mind to make sure that your carpet floor lasts as long as possible. It’s widely known that carpet flooring, though less expensive than other flooring types, depending on the type and style, has a much shorter lifespan than other types of flooring. Carpet requires regular maintenance and can be more difficult to manage, though it is more comfortable to lay on.


Close The Blinds During Hours of Intense Sunlight.

You may not realize the long term effects of the sun’s UV rays until you’ve let the sunshine discolor your carpet. Your carpet’s appearance will last much longer by simply covering the windows to prevent the invasion of the blazing sunshine from beating down on your beautiful carpet flooring.

Exercise Caution When Using Chemicals Around Carpet Flooring

Drain cleaners, Plant food, bleach, mildew and mold removers, and many other chemicals can be your carpet flooring’s worst enemy. These types of products and solutions contain elements that can both discolor your carpet and dissolve its fibers. Take extra caution not to expose your carpet to these chemicals, and should you need assistance with removal of mold and mildew and certain difficult stains, consult a Sugar Land flooring expert at Inspired Floors, who will give you proper direction on caring for your Sugar Land carpet flooring, taking into consideration your specific situation.

Employ Furniture Coasters To Protect Your Carpet Flooring

Furniture coasters are a great way to create a widened base for heavy items to sit on. Because carpet is made of fibers, it is most susceptible to indentions left by having narrow and pointed objects. Furniture coasters are also a great tool for moving and rearranging furniture. This will save your carpet and your back.

Use Mats and Carpet Runners 

Placing mats at entryways and runners adjacent to your carpeted areas can work wonders in preventing excess dirt and moisture from entering into your carpet. Moisture is a big no-no for carpet, and if your carpet is exposed to moisture, improper care can create expensive problems and issues for you. Remember to clean your mats and runners regularly.

Caring for your carpet is best done in the preventative stages. This will help ensure your carpet flooring in your Sugar Land home will be enjoyed and kept in its optimum condition throughout its lifespan in your home. Should you need any assistance with your carpet flooring, consult a Sugar Land carpet flooring expert at Inspired Floors.

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