Hardwood floors are prone to get stained or chipped over time as they are exposed to abuse and heavy foot traffic. This concern calls for two possible solutions – either refinish it for restoring its original shine or you can replace the complete flooring. However, choosing one of the two is dependent on a whole lot of factors –


The first factor which comes into mind for any repair work is the price that will be involved. Of course, in this case going for refinishing of your hardwood floor will always turn out to be cheaper than replacing it. Replacing the floor would involve the cost of the new wood as well as installation by professional floor workers whereas if you opt for refinishing you can do it yourself with a few solutions which will not cost much.


Refinishing takes a lot of time. It is messy taking 4 – 5 days for completion of the floor work, and the process involving the use of sanders, buffers, scrapers, brushes and what not with the floor having to remain untouched for those days. Replacement from a custom floor store in Sugar Land TX, is a considerably easier process involving the use of only lumber, measuring tape, saws, a chalk line, a nail gun and a flat bar and the process over within no time.


If your only aim is to restore the original shine of your floor and brighten it then refinishing will work for you. But, if you want major changes in your floor work involving style of the wood, consistency of the material or direction of the planks so as to establish a completely different look, then you will have to obviously get your floor replaced by custom floor Installers from Sugar Land.


In some cases, when the floor is very old and has already undergone refinishing several times, replacing the floor would be a better choice as refinishing it one more time may not have the desired effect.

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