Hardwood flooring installation does not have a fixed price. In general, it varies based on a number of factors such as the room size, types of wood, the particular design you select, labor cost for installation etc. However, a 2013 report says the average cost could be nearly $1905 per room. The general range was from $1720 to $2090 per room. The report had not counted the discounts offered by various service providers. You may compare the prices charged by different flooring businesses, which are available online.

Apart from the installation costs, you may have to consider the maintenance costs too. To preserve hardwood flooring, it should be maintained properly. Based on traffic, the wood floor will require waxing once or twice a year. You can preserve the finish by cleaning the floors regularly with the help of a hardwood floor cleaner. As home buyers always prefer hardwood floors, a properly maintained flooring could significantly increase the value of your home.

Here are the major factors that decide the cost of hardwood flooring installation:


Typically, flooring companies charge you on a square-foot basis for installing hardwood floor. Generally, you can expect a rate of $5-$8 per square foot (including the charge to remove the previous flooring and to install the new hardwood). However, the total cost could substantially vary based on the hardwood type you select and the location of the installation.

The amount you have to pay for removing the old flooring is based on its type. It will cost more to remove hardwood floor, tile floor or laminate floor because they require more labor and time to have them disassembled and removed. Installers may charge you more for clearing away objects such as furniture. Additionally, you may have to pay more in case your subfloor requires repair.


You have different flooring materials to choose from and the cost of each of them varies. For example, low-grade wood like maple or ash is likely to cost you the least while you have to pay significantly more for Brazilian cherry, oak or other high-grade woods. Additionally, harder materials are likely to take more time and labor to have them installed properly.

You may also select prefinished flooring that is faster and easier to install. But it costs more per sq. ft. when compared to unfinished flooring. So it is better to discuss all the available options and the final cost for each of them with the flooring company before choosing the flooring material.


To make sure that you are paying the right price, get an estimate from multiple professionals. In general, a contractor who primarily deals with flooring can offer you a better price than general contractors. Though a company does not require a license for installing floors, you are advised to hire an experienced professional only. Before choosing a company, ensure that it offers a warranty. Most wood flooring companies offer a warranty for at least 12 months as a protection against defects. If a contractor is not willing to offer a warranty, it is better to look for any other company.

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