Flooding, whether internal or externally caused, as well as heavy rains are a carpet’s worst enemy. Water damage, if left untreated, and depending on the extent of the damage, may render your carpet unusable, unsalvageable and required to be removed and replaced. In some cases, particularly minor or less severe examples of flooding, there are certain measures that can be taken to reduce water damage and lower the need for costly repairs and replacement. However, any action must be taken quickly, as water over time, no matter how big, can create mold and mildew you in your carpet flooringHouston homeowners, particularly areas in Sugar LandMissouri CitySienna PlantationRichmond TexasRosenberg Texas and other outlying areas of Fort Bend County and Harris County know this all too well with the nearby Brazos River and other rivers. These area suffer from limited water disbursement during times of heavy rain.


You’ve certainly already done your best to prevent water from coming into your home. Once the water source has stopped, you can now quickly assess what it’s going to take to remove and repair the home from standing water. The first decision you should make is whether not to handle the damage yourself or contact or professional. If your home has taken on water, it’s best to consult someone who knows how to assess and handle the situation with your best interest. A Sugar Land carpet flooring professional will also be able to determine whether or not your carpet flooring is salvageable or must be replaced. They will also be able to determine your risk for mold and mildew you. Mold and mildew you can create major health risks and concerns for you and your family. Bacteria and mold can develop very quickly, even within hours of the incident occurring. The best thing anyone can do in the moment is to start by removing all wet items from the home, particularly ones that are sitting on top of the carpet flooring. You can remove wet items like drapes and curtains and set them outside to dry in the open air so they don’t add to your replacement cost because of the production of mildew and mold.

Remove The Water and Dry The Floors.

Don’t procrastinate or hesitate in removing water from your carpet and the flooring in your house. This can be done by using towels, wet vac’s and shop vac’s. Don’t use a regular vacuum. You can also rent fans and dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry wet areas of your carpet flooring. Take note of the padding underneath your carpet. If it is unable to be dried, it may need to be replaced.

Clean The Developing Bacteria From Your Carpet Flooring.

If water hasn’t gotten inside the walls, you might stand a chance to clean the bacteria yourself. Otherwise your health isn’t worth the risk to avoid contacting a professional.

Once everything is been dried and cleaned, you can steam clean your carpet to remove bacteria. Surfaces that encounter the water or that are near the wet flooring, should be properly sanitized with diluted bleach water mix. Scrub your baseboards walls and other areas with the solution and take a careful inspection to notice any moisture pockets behind furniture and other places that might be overlooked. Moisture pockets can develop into mold and a much larger issue.

No one wants to deal with the hassle of replacing their carpet flooring when they don’t have to, especially if they recently had carpeting installed in their Sugar Land home. Should you need any flooring advice or help choosing the right floors, even choosing a recommended carpet cleaning company, consult a Sugar Land carpet flooring store expert at Inspired Floors.

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