The floors of any building – be it a home or an office or some other space, are the surfaces which take the maximum brunt of the everyday activities of its occupants. It is therefore, very crucial that one invests in floors which will be able to withstand these activities and at the same time, add a touch of class to the building. There are hundreds of flooring companies with an equal number of flooring options in the market which are bound to leave you overwhelmed. As it is important to choose the right flooring, you need to take into consideration certain factors to ensure that you end up with the best possible option.


Manufacturers try to match the color and the grain of solid flooring and engineered flooring. But there might be variations in different batches. So it is best to buy all the flooring that will be needed from a Sugar Land floor store which will be able to provide whatever is required at one-time.


Laminate flooring was invented by Pergo, the Swedish company in 1977, and today a host of manufacturing companies create laminate to duplicate stone, tile, wood and many more. But, not all the laminate floorings that are created are of equal quality. While the expensive ones are made of quality materials, the less expensive laminates contain elements that are not durable. So while shopping for laminate floorings from custom floor stores in Sugar Land TX, the features of the laminate flooring brands, which match your price range, should be compared so that you can get the benefit of the best laminate flooring.


The flooring industry’s FloorScore Certifcation ensures that vinyl floors emit low levels of volatile organic compounds which are linked to pollution and more importantly to health hazards. On the other hand, certification from the Forest Stewardship Council as well as the Sustainable Forestry initiative are assurances that your wood flooring comes from forests which have been responsibly managed – a must for the safety of the planet. The packages should be checked for these certifications when visiting flooring companies for custom floors in Sugar Land TX.

Inspired Floors, the experts in the field of flooring since 2004, has what you are looking for at its flooring showroom in Sugar Land at affordable prices. With our team of custom floor Installers in Sugar Land, we take our customers from design to implementation of their home-flooring. Ranging from hardwood, tile, carpet and laminate to countertops, our Sugar Land flooring company, has everything that you would need to beautify your home.

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