Some homeowners think of replacing carpet flooring as a last resort of home-improvement. Paint and carpet flooring are actually two of the most cost-effective and biggest returns on a homeowner’s remodeling investment. New carpet floors and fresh paint go along way to beautify a home’s interior and make a home more desirable to potential buyers, should be homeowner decide to put the house on the market. A homeowner may just want to change things up a bit and enjoy their home more, while others are looking for the best and most cost effective ways to improve their home’s resale value.

Thousands of dollars can be spent on upgrading areas of the home, but if the carpet and floors are stained and appear worn, a perspective homebuyer or visiting house guest will perceive the home to be in need of work. In contrast, fresh carpeting will enhance the home’s perception of being move-in ready. Old carpet is one of the most common things that drives the price of a home down or slows down the selling process, while parties negotiate the price or replace the flooring.

Depending on the grade of carpet that is currently in a home, it can last between one and 10 years in good condition and with proper care.

On a design and aesthetic note, we recommend that homeowners refrain from installing bright colored or eccentric carpet. Colors like green, blue, maroon, black, orange, and yellow aren’t as attractive to many people, as a tan or beige or white color would be. Stick with neutral colors, as they are more universally attractive to guests and home buyers. If there’s any question on whether or not you should replace the carpet in your home, perhaps to enjoy it for yourself or to prepare the home to put on the market, consult a Sugar Land carpet flooring expert at Inspired Floors, who will guide you along the way and can assess your carpet flooring’s condition.

In most cases, if carpet flooring has been installed for many years, it’s probably best to go ahead and install new carpetCarpet flooring is much more affordable and than other types of flooring and a great investment in your home’s value.

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