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What to Look For in a Floor Store for your Sugar Land Home


Many stores here in Sugar Land have emerged as ideal examples of elegant flooring solutions with the help of a wide spectrum of choices for you in terms of colors, patterns, designs, and materials. Because of this, it becomes difficult to pinpoint one or two really good choices for your custom floor needs here in Sugar Land. Today, let’s look at some traits that define the highest quality workmanship for a tile flooring company around Missouri City TX, and Sugar Land TX.

  • Align your expectation to their offerings – You can approach the right Sugar Land Flooring Company for getting an idea about custom floors in Sugar Land TX. When they show you flooring options like hardwood, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, laminate flooring, or wooden flooring, etc., you can determine quickly which ones will go well with your home or office’s overall design and color theme. You are then free to explore and select among a variety of options that are available in front of you
  • Best in class versatility – It is very easy to install custom flooring in Sugar Land TX when you have a capable flooring company at your service. The sugar Land based flooring company needs to offer end-to-end services right from design selection, materials research, installation to maintenance and repairs. Reputed stores such as Inspired Floors have a competitive edge with the versatility factor
  • Quality materials ensuring longer life and easy maintenance – Almost all varieties of custom floors available with a good custom flooring company in Sugar Land need to be durable and easy to maintainThe maintenance specifications required for various types of flooring do vary for each customer, but a good flooring company will be flexible with maintenance options to suit the needs of each customer.

Do take a moment to check out Inspired Floors online. We are a Tile Flooring Company based in Missouri City TX that satisfies all the above factors, to leave a smile on your face with our abilities and experience.


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Different types of flooring options available are:

1. Tiles: Available in a variety of designs and sizes, ceramic tiles are durable and resistant to scratches and water. These are easy to clean and are made out of a variety of materials like porcelain, slate, marble, and granite.

2. Carpets: Carpets are an easy option for flooring. Available in different types of fur and designs, carpets add an exquisite look to the room. It can be used on uneven surfaces as well. It needs high maintenance.

3.Cork: This environment-friendly material makes for a good flooring option. Being an insulator, it keeps the place warm and is resistant to mold. It also absorbs sounds, so one can have all the privacy they need.

4. Laminates: These look like real wood or tiles and are resistant to scratches. Very easy to maintain, laminates are an innovative option for flooring. These get spoiled when they come in contact with water.

One can find a lot of flooring options ranging from wooden, porcelain, tile, laminate, carpet, natural stone, and granite stone countertops at custom flooring firms in Missouri City TX. Inspired Floors is one such Sugar Land floor store that specializes in custom floors and tiles and has a wide range of materials to choose from too.


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What is the first thing that we do with an interiors redecoration project? The walls, right? We paint them with nice shades, install everything that is needed and add a touch of love to it. However what about the flooring? Along with the walls, it is equally important to have durable and appealing flooring too. We are a nation that adores our flooring as proved by many statistics.

Considering the property that one wants to refurbish, it has become imperative for us to check for durability, maintenance needs, its look, and of course, the pricing. With a lot of options available for flooring, it has become tough for people to choose the right one. Here are a few options for custom floors in Sugar Land TX:

    1. Vinyl: Affordable and very easy to install, these tiles are highly water-resistant. These can be nailed or glued on an already laid sub-floor. These are easy to clean and flexible. But, sometimes it can gouge because of sharp objects.
    2. Cork: Eco-friendly and durable, these are perfect for areas that have a high footfall. It is stain-resistant and does not wear out easily. This is generally more expensive than many flooring options.
    3. Carpets: Perfect for houses built in cold regions, carpets act as an insulator and keep the place warm. These cancel out noises and absorb dust particles. These wear out easily and can get stained pretty soon.
    4. Floating Wood Tile: Very easy to fix, clean, and replace, floating wood tile is easy on the pocket too. These are very hygienic and the laminate tiles with the T&G system do not need adhesive too.

    With a lot of options available, it has become necessary for people to get proper guidance from somebody who knows the in and out of flooring. A professional company like Inspired Floors, helps in picking the right flooring option and install custom floors in Sugar Land TX after understanding the client’s needs. Go for professional expertise and redo your flooring project with a touch of class.

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“Creak! Creeeeeaak!” Anyone who has installed hardwood flooring has heard this annoying squeaking sound that often develops in hardwood floors. When you’re tiptoeing to the kitchen for a midnight snack, that creaking sound is a dead giveaway. Unfortunately, there is no perfect, permanent cure-all for hardwood creaks and squeaks. However, there are a few effective treatments, plus a few helpful tips on preventing creaks in the first place.


Most creaks and squeaks are caused by wood rubbing on wood – it’s a simple mechanical problem of too much material stuck in too small of a space. Many Hardwood flooring manufacturers use a natural, organic material that expands and contracts as temperatures and humidity levels change. If individual planks don’t have enough room to expand, they’re forced to fight for space with the neighboring planks. For this type of “side-to-side” creaking, powdered graphite can often be used to lubricate the contact areas. Simply apply graphite powder generously over the squeaky seam, place a rag or towel over the area, and work the squeak over and over until the graphite powder penetrates and the sound becomes silent. This method may take a few applications. When you’re finished, clean up the excess graphite powder with a damp towel, and enjoy the silence.


Another, the more difficult squeak develops between the hardwood flooring plank and the wooden subfloor. It’s always a good idea to use quality underlayment material during the installation to help reduce this issue. If an underlayment hasn’t been used, it may be necessary to nail or screw the squeaky areas more securely to the subfloor. If nailing, be sure to pre-drill the floor plank, but not the subfloor. Apply pressure to the plank while nailing, for the most secure fit. If using screws, pre-drilling planks is a MUST! This will help prevent cracking. Always use screws with square drive heads – common Phillips screws slip too easily. Be sure to lubricate the screw with a little soap or wax, apply pressure to the plank, and drive until the screw head sits just beneath the plank surface. Finish by applying wood filler over the screw head.

In addition to using an underlayment during install, it is important to leave at least ¼” between the wall and the first plank in each row. This extra space allows the wood to expand without obstruction. The small gap can easily be covered by a quarter round or decorative molding. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to a T, and always consult with a licensed contractor before any DIY install.

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Waterproof luxury vinyl plank – You can install luxury vinyl red oak flooring where wood flooring can’t go – like bathrooms and laundry rooms. The unique construction also allows for resistance to scratches, stains, and wear. Just like laminate, luxury vinyl offers true-to-life hardwood visuals that go anywhere in your home. Quick and easy installation makes luxury vinyl another excellent project for DIYers.

If you’ve fallen in love with the look of red oak flooring, then one of these options is your ticket for bringing home this perennial favorite.



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Sales of new single-family homes declined in December, although the long-term trend remains positive, according to the Commerce Department.

Sales of new single-family homes fell 7.3% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 369,000 in December. Economists had forecast sales at 385,000 in December.

However, sales rose 8.8% from December 2011.

November sales were revised up to 398,000 from a prior estimate of 377,000.

The median price of new homes rose 1.3% to $248,900 in December.





Here at Inspired Floors we pride ourselves in our 20 years of service to the Missouri City/Sugar Land/Stafford area.

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